Kamis, 26 November 2009

9 million viewers see PuraVida by Hansgrohe

Who's PuraVida mixer?

Doctor Who was watched by over 9 million viewers on Sunday 15 November and they saw Hansgrohe's PuraVida basin mixer working on a space station on Mars, where the main theme of the episode, which was set in 2050, was that the water kills everyone it touches! Just one drop of water is enough to wipe out life as we know it back home on Plant Earth.

Phoenix Design designed the innovative range of mixers and showers from the PuraVida range for Hansgrohe. The subtle emotionality, soft naturalness and clarity of PuraVida turn the bathroom into a living area that can be enjoyed with every one of the senses: “Bathrooms are increasingly regarded as living areas and individual design ideas will continue to assert themselves”, explains Tom Schönherr, co-Managing Partner with Andreas Haug of the award-winning design studio Phoenix Design, which has been enjoying successful collaboration with Hansgrohe for more than 20 years. “More form, more emotion – PuraVida introduces comfort and calm for the senses to the world of bathing. The goal was to design something we can experience and understand with our senses: poetic design full of feeling and joie de vivre.”

Apart from the comprehensive range of mixers and showers for Hansgrohe, Phoenix Design has also developed a new range of ceramic and bathroom furniture for Duravit with the aim of consistently integrating the bathroom as a living area. As a result of co-operation by Hansgrohe, Duravit and Phoenix Design, PuraVida now represents a perfectly co-ordinated and exclusive range of bathroom interior based on consistent design principles. “A wonderful challenge for achieving a perfect symbiosis of form and space”, is how Tom Schönherr describes the range.

A new kind of luxury
With a combination of white lacquered surfaces and shiny chrome, the Hansgrohe PuraVida range of mixers and showers introduces a new dual-finish principle to the bathroom, where elegance and clarity reflect true and subtle luxury. Clear white organically-shaped undersides interplay with generously-proportioned and shining chrome areas. Thanks to a new manufacturing technique, these two surfaces merge seamlessly, representing a sign of high-quality perfection – and not only as regards the PuraVida wash basin mixer fashioned as a single piece.

The colour white is consciously used for the whole PuraVida range as an image conveying purity, lightness and beauty. Furthermore, white also stands for independence, honesty and courage when it comes to well-rounded designs, because white does not display any imperfections, demanding formal perfection instead. With its slender, white lacquered carcass, the mixer seems to grow out of the white ceramic merging to become a new and independent product. This creates an impression of floating lightness. The new, lively, free interaction with shapes, supported by the cleverness of the lines, is seen in interplay with the contrast between surfaces and flowing volumes, between softness and precision. There are no aggressive corners or sharp edges. Instead, pleasantly round, soothing shapes radiate comfort and safety, and invite the observer to touch them.

The spray former disappears in the underside of the spout, giving the impression that the water appears to come from nowhere, flowing into the wash basin as a calm and clear laminar jet simply picking up on the overall pure appearance. The jet angle can easily be adapted by just moving it with the finger to the respective wash basin shape.

More form, more emotion and more innovation!

Harmonious bathroom design through to the shower and bathtub area is assured by the Hansgrohe PuraVida range thanks to the availability of numerous mixer models for both surface-mounted and concealed installation: from thermostats through 3-hole mixers to projecting, base-mounted mixers for the bathtub. Matching PuraVida accessories and a no less comprehensive shower range offering hand showers, overhead and side showers as well as a new and slim bar-shaped hand-held shower element complete the Hansgrohe PuraVida range. Characterised by the same design philosophy of emotional and sensual contours, dual-finish principles and integrative design, PuraVida showers are convincing thanks to their unusual shapes.

Gently-rounded edges, quality flatness and the combination of bright white and shiny chrome create exciting contrasts and sensual lightness, while the generously-proportioned PuraVida overhead shower provides the ultimate in showering pleasure. Its shower head is produced by merging two high-quality zinc die-cast halves. It appeals for its unusual flat rectangular shape which, with a width of 400 millimetres, perfectly follows the silhouette of the bather. Despite of its size, it comes across as light and restrained, thanks to the precision of the subtle chrome edges and white shower disc. With its flowing shapes and white material, the generously-dimensioned PuraVida overhead shower positively seems to float. The broad, flat shower arm embodies both stability and lasting value.

The innovative shower technology applied in the PuraVida hand shower is concealed between the two outer discs. Designed as a square with harmoniously rounded corners, the 150 mm shower head flows smoothly into the flat, gently-rounded handle. The new EasyClick push-button converter integrated in the hand shower silhouette facilitates intuitive selection of the three different spray types via a simple click feature. Thanks to Hansgrohe AirPower technology which injects the water with air, a soft rain spray and a vitalising mixed spray ensure pure showering pleasure. For the very first time, the Hansgrohe PuraVida hand shower also enables bathers to enjoy a slow yet powerfully caressing massage spray generating finger-like and intensive massaging movements on skin thanks to five whirl jets. As the technology is integrated in the design, this enables the product to depart from classically rounded shapes. Accordingly, the PuraVida hand shower appears to form a single solid unit representing an emotional and “tangible” design in every sense of the word. These features also convinced the iF Design Award jury. In fact the design experts rewarded even three products: the Hansgrohe PuraVida wash basin mixer the PuraVida overhead shower as well as the PuraVida hand shower, which also won the Design Plus Award 2009.

Digital showering pleasure
Picking up on the clear design language of the PuraVida range of mixers and
showers, the new Hansgrohe RainBrain electronic shower control feature also received one of the famous iF design Awards in 2009. Thanks to an innovative coloured touch-screen, it offers digital operating comfort in the shower as well as representing an ideal supplement to the PuraVida shower family and high-end shower systems. Exclusive comfort showering functions can be easily activated manually: the switch on/off shower function, selecting various showering functions, contrast showers, water cascades or controlling the light sources integrated in the shower, for example. What’s more, a warm-up function ensures pleasant water temperatures right from the start. Thanks to clear and large-sized pictogrammes, operation is intuitive and practically child’s play. Furthermore, all of the functions can be individually set up and saved for up to five people. As an optional extra, main functions such as water temperature and start/stop can also be set at the rotary knob which is pleasant to the touch. Musical entertainment is provided via Bluetooth from an MP3-player or iPod directly transmitted to the Hansgrohe RainBrain shower controls. The smooth, white mineral glass touch surface has a chrome-coloured frame giving it a light and elegant appearance, thereby enabling the independent and clean design to reflect the shower control concept: high-tech and complex features translate into a digital lifestyle which is easy and convenient to use.

Hansgrohe PuraVida – the products in detail:
Wash basin: Single-lever basin mixer
Single-lever highriser basin mixer for wash bowls
3-hole basin mixer
Bidet: Single-lever bidet mixer
3-hole bidet mixer
Thermostat: Concealed-installation thermostat (with stop device and/or
stop device / converter)
Bathtub: Single-lever bathtub mixer, surface-mounted
Single-lever bathtub mixer, concealed installation
Base-mounted single-lever bathtub mixer
Bathtub spout
Shower: Single-lever shower mixer, surface-mounted
Single-lever shower mixer, concealed installation
Shower elements: Hand shower, ø 150 mm,
- Rain Air/ Mix / Caresse Air (5-jet whirl spray)
- Convenient EasyClick pushbutton conversion
Overhead shower; width: 400 mm
Bar-shaped hand shower, 120 mm
Side shower, ø 100 mm
Hand shower set with Unica shower pipe
Surface finish: White chrome or pure chrome
Hansgrohe RainBrain – Electronic operating unit for the shower
Available with or without water volume regulation feature
Touch-screen surface for controlling up to 5 jets
Convenient rotary knob for setting the temperature and water
Warm-up function
Electronic thermostat with scalding protection
5 user settings possible
MP3-player with Bluetooth interface
Controls for external lighting
Surface finish: White chrome or Silver chrome

Design: Phoenix Design Stuttgart & Tokyo
Design Prizes: iF Award 2009: PuraVida hand shower and overhead shower, PuraVida single-lever basin mixer and Hansgrohe RainBrain shower control feature
Design Plus Award 2009: PuraVida hand shower
Red Dot Design Award 2009: PuraVida single-lever highriser basin mixer for wash bowls

PuraVida is now on display in the Soak showroom.

Kamis, 12 November 2009

Add a touch of flamboyance to your bathroom

Perhaps you want a divinely decadent romantic look?

Then search no further, the Muse basin is available in Silver with matching legset immediately giving a retro style.

A new washbasin collection designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez for Catalano, Muse draws on a form of classicism in tune with the present.

The concept of larger and deeper washbasins was inspired by Rome’s fountains; its soft lines enriched by a hint of the past whilst the voluminous shapes highlight the flawless Catalano quality.

The Muse collection are multiform talent items; a design that matches memory, technological know-how and contemporary insight which also appears in their performance, because the careful design is based on water-saving purpose and hygienic clearness; the WC section is designed to reduce water consumption, the volume shape highlights the excellent Catalano glazing quality, a fast and loose water flowing leaves no trace thanks to their fine-grained permeable characteristic and adequate geometry nearly self-cleaning. All this means that these sanitary-ware items take care of themselves in economic terms, being water and time saving.

Nowadays time is valuable; we are aware of this and we are getting knowledge that water is a precious resource too, running a risk in a very close future. Two basic aspects generating an appropriate and sensual design, paced with contemporary way of living. This is the pleasure of the Muse collection.

Muse (and other Catalano products) are available through Soak in Style, and the Muse wall-hung pan is on display in the Soak showroom at Maidenhead.

Hansgrohe has launched a new XXL range of overheads to join the popular Raindance AIR shower family. Distinguished by an ergonomic rectangular design with softened corners and available in three widths (24cm, 36cm and 42cm), the new Raindance E showers have been created in collaboration with Phoenix Design and offer a very direct and pleasurable experience of the element of water.

The rectangular format of the Raindance E showerheads are designed ergonomically to mirror the dimensions of the shoulders and guarantee soothing showering pleasure over its entire breadth. For the first time an overhead shower also offers a choice of two different jet types. The largest Raindance E 420 AIR 2jet model pampers users with its RainAir spray and the refreshing RainFlow flood jet. All models in the Hansgrohe Raindance E range guarantee expansive showering pleasure thanks to Hansgrohe AirPower technology which infuses the water with air inside the shower head.

A shower makes you clean. A bath also. But a shower is something totally different. It not only cleanses your body, but also your soul; it not only washes your hair, but also your head;
it not only massages your muscles and tendons or firms your skin but also awakens new energy.

Does this surprise you? Where, other than in the shower, does water provide us with such a complete sensual and physical experience? Hot or cold, drumming loudly or flowing quietly, patting you on the shoulder or caressing your cheek, this life element lets us discover ourselves under the shower. Our surroundings disappear as if behind a curtain, we get closer to our true selves, supported by the rhythm of the water melody we allow ourselves to be carried into a process of meditation.

We experience how the water carries away our cares, problems, burdens and disposes of them in a small hole in the floor. At the same time the positive aspects, the plans, the affections become much clearer, gain sharper contours. The whole being stretches out, like a branch dripping with melting snow.

Special moments such as these deserve exceptional products.

Hansgrohe and Axor Hansgrohe is on display at the Soak showroom in Reform Road, Maidenhead.

New ranges and finishes from Montrose

There's fitted furniture and there's Montrose fitted furniture - hand-made in the UK.

November sees the launch of 2 new ranges, Centro and Linear. The Centro door style has gently routered curves to the corners, giving the rectangular fronts a very distinctive rounded appearance. Available on all types and sizes of unit and with the choice of a new Centro Cylinder Handle, this range provides Montrose with a truly individual look!

Centro forms part of a larger product launch from Montrose which will see the introduction of; 2 new door styles, 4 new finishes, a range of DuPont Corian Worktops, optional gloss internals for open units, 3 types of full height unit in 2 depths and width options, a smaller corner mirror cabinet and an additional type of toilet roll unit.

4 great new finishes available with immediate effect, in all styles, are African Zebrawood, Hi Gloss American Walnut and Hi Gloss Cream. Samples will be available shortly in the Soak showroom.

a Full range of 22mm thick Corian sheet with Water Resistant MDF substrate, worktops and integral bows in 8 finish options. These worktops are made to order only, with a 3 week lead-time (no fast track available). Colour matched bowls and coved 100mm rear up are just 2 of outstanding features.

Lots more updates, so why don't you pop down to the Soak showroom in Reform Road and check them out.

Sabtu, 07 November 2009

Gessi @ Cersaie 2009

Check out the link to the video of the new Gessi Home Collection that the digital TV channel FASHION TV broadcast worldwide


Jumat, 30 Oktober 2009

Soak launch Mastella

Soak are delighted to announce they now have Mastella on display in their Maidenhead showroom.

Jumat, 18 September 2009

Catalano Water Efficiency in energy-producing house

Denmark's first energy-producing house has been built in Århus, Jutland and Catalano product has been chosen as the best sanitary-ware product to accomplish the “Home for Life” house concept due to CWE – Catalano Water Efficiency.

Catalano is very excited to be part of the new energy-saving future, because of its long-term strong commitment to preserving the environment. The innovative building product will produce the electricity and heat the household needs as well as produce surplus energy which can be supplied to a neighbouring property, or used to charge an electric car. The house will be a net producer of energy, all renewable and CO2-neutral.

The house will use a number of technologies including exploitation of solar radiation for passive heating, light and natural ventilation. Solar cells will produce electricity and solar thermal cells will heat water. Geothermal energy will be used for heating, and a mechanical ventilation system with high-efficiency heat recovery will be installed.

A 'test' family will then move into the house and live there for 12 months, during which time the house will also function as an exhibition for interested parties.

Sabtu, 15 Agustus 2009

Patricia Urquiola creates bridges the gap between the bathroom and living room

The acclaimed Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola has created a stunning new bathroom concept for Axor Hansgrohe. Moving away from the minimalist designs that have recently been forefront the Urquiola blurs the distinction between bathroom and living space featuring the bathing space and bedroom in the same space.

Kamis, 13 Agustus 2009

Which Rock Star has picked Catalano for their Caribbean home?

Canadian Rock Star Bryan Adams has Catalano produt in his summer residence in the Caribbean.

Catalano picked for Lingfield Park Marriott Hotel

Lingfield Park Marriotts Hotel will open in Spring 2010 and features Catalano product

Lingfield Park, already boasting a new all-weather track and fully refurbished grandstand within the last five years, is now working to complete the regeneration of this famous racecourse into a magnificent state-of-the-art racing, conference and leisure destination with facilities to match or better any in the country.

The hotel developments are now well underway and consist of a 116 bedroom four star Marriott Hotel including an intergrated health club with pool, a replacement Golf Club House and improved racing hospitality facilities.

Works to the hotel site commenced, in early August, following completion of the demolition of numerous ancillary buildings to make way for the new hotel. The first exercise was to reduce the level of the ground to create the new level for the hotel, which consisted of removing in the region of 30,000 cubic metres of soil from the ground. All of this soil has been re-used elsewhere on site, saving the equivalent of 2,000 road trips of heavy lorries through Lingfield and the local area. Of the soil re-used on site, 21,000 cubic metres has been used to re-form the first two holes of the 18-hole golf course.

The redevelopment will also include improvements to vehicular and pedestrian access, enhanced facilities for horses and handlers, a new entrance building and the removal of numerous smaller buildings around the Racecourse. As a result, a sizeable area of currently developed land will be returned back to Green Belt and will dramatically improve the remaining areas of Lingfield Park.

The hotel is anticipated to open in spring 2010. A franchise agreement has been signed with Marriott to operate the hotel under the Marriott Hotel & Country Club brand.


Senin, 10 Agustus 2009

Catalano once again a finalist in the Grand Design Awards

Who’s who in Grand Designs Awards 2009

The Grand Designs Awards recognises the importance of every-day design and quality and is sponsored by British Gas.

Best bathroom product was sponsored by Futurenergy. This year they were looking for baths, sinks, toilets, taps, bidets, showers, shower enclosures, shower trays and bathroom radiators. As you would expect, sustainability is driving all kinds of clever water-saving technologies - but also thermostatic technology as well.

Catalano’s Proizioni range was selected as one of the 6 finalists for the BEST BATHROOM PRODUCT 2009 from over 300 products worldwide.

Proizezioni - A new interpretation of lightness. A new expression of synergy among elegance, functionality and innovation. A new balance among shapes, materials and dimensions, which led to an unusual harmony in relation of parts (component).

The Proiezioni range comprises 7 basins; (75cm / 90cm / 105 cm / 120cm) all featuring a short projection of only 42cm, allowing relatively large basins to be used in a space-saving way. Installation can be wall hung or inset. A variety of Catalano WC's can be used with these basins, making the range highly versatile.

Additional Information
Proiezioni represents the highest level of quality reached in the manufacture of ceramic sanitaryware, working at the limit of extreme shapes. On the outside, the style and fashion of Catalano design; on the inside, a highly technological project.

The world water crisis is one of the largest public issues of our time. Moreover, lack of clean water is one of the largest obstacles to progress and development in many regions across the world. Catalano, with Proiezioni, strongly felt a binding commitment to try and contribute towards easing these problems in any way it could within its bathroom market sector. On this note, the Proiezioni WC's, CWE certified, not only reduce water consumption (only 3 - 4.5 lire flush) but also, by use of our special glaze technology, reduces the quantity of detergents required to be used for their cleansing.

Catalano’s Proizioni range was selected from over 300 products worldwide, as one of the 6 finalists for the BEST BATHROOM PRODUCT 2009.

Ceramica Catalano is the only sanitaryware ceramic manufacturer to achieve this result.

Sabtu, 18 Juli 2009

Ex-Display Mega Sale - Update

Aqata Jumbo Slider

Belmont in White Gloss Finish from Montrose

Duravit Starck 2

AC Crystal in Wenge with Red Glass Top

AC Opera in Wenge and Orange glass finish

Duravit Starck 1 suite and Adatto Casa Ego Tower are now sold!

Starck 2, Adatto Casa Crystal, Adatto Casa Opera in Light Oak, Montrose furniture and Aqata Jumbo slider still available.

Sabtu, 11 Juli 2009

Hansgrohe is awarded the Enviroment Innovation Award at the 2009 KKB Awards

Hansgrohe UK lifts the trophy for Green Design at the kbbreview Industry Awards

At the annual kbb awards on Monday 11th May 2009, Hansgrohe, the leading shower and bathroom specialist, was delighted to be recipient of the ‘Environmental Innovation Award for Bathrooms’ for their Crometta 85 Green shower. Using the latest technology developed by the Hansgrohe spray mode laboratory in Germany, this shower combines devised flow regulation with central air intake to reduce water flow to just 6 litres per minute, compared with an average shower which uses 14 litres per minute at 3 bar pressure.

Iain McKinlay, managing director at Hansgrohe UK comments, “There is currently no branded shower that uses so little water while offering such good shower performance as the Hansgrohe Crometta 85 Green. This means that everyone can practise the sustainable use of water resources, even when under the shower.”

This year marked the 15th anniversary of the awards which remains an important event on the calendar to honour the best in design, product innovation and customer service in the kbb industry. Hansgrohe supports the event by sponsoring the category of Special Achievement Award. Presented by Jan Shepherd, Hansgrohe UK marketing manager, this year the trophy went to Lawrence Pigeon and Keith Atkins from Alternative Plans.

Just as the awards were nearing their close and the applause dying down, further celebration erupted on the Hansgrohe tables as Burge & Gunson were announced as Master Bathroom Retailer for 2009. Iain McKinlay comments ‘It was fantastic to see Barry Gunson go up and collect this award. Burge & Gunson is a family British success story; they have been a good Hansgrohe customer for a long time and over the years have developed an exemplary showroom. They were popular and very deserving winners.”

Eco-Friendly Design by Hansgrohe

More pleasure, less consumption has been the mantra at Hansgrohe for many years and in 2009 several marketing initiatives have been put in place to communicate this fact. Importantly, a key message for Hansgrohe is that choosing eco-friendly products does not mean compromising on performance or design.

The Company exhibited at Ecobuild in March 2009 and presented proof that the most prestigious designer labels can still be eco-conscious. Created by the celebrated French designer, Philippe Starck, the Axor Starck ShowerCollection 12x12cm basic module delivers high design with low water consumption (just 5 litres per minute). The basin mixer from the Axor Starck X collection with its calming waterfall style flow also saves water with a delivery of just 5 litres per minute (compared to the average of 7 litres per minute at 3 bar).

Hansgrohe also launched their EcoSmart brochure this year. For the first time, this catalogue pulls all information together into 28 pages describing the Company’s green manufacturing and management processes, energy and water-saving products and the philosophy in general towards the environment and the crucial topic of treating water as a precious resource.

Jumat, 26 Juni 2009


Ex display items include Happy D range from Duravit, Hansgrohe, Ego Tower by Adatta Casa
All Sold

Selasa, 19 Mei 2009


Soak are delighted to announce that their new website is now live.

Check us out at SOAK

Burgbad arriving shortly

Soak are delighted to announce they have been appointed stockists of Burgbad and will shortly have a number of displays on show in their luxury showroom.
Burgbad produce high-quality bathroom furniture combining durability, solidity and relability; crafted from the finest materials to the highest process and precision finish.

Exquisite, elegant - these are some terbs used to describe a "Diva". Comprised of striking furniture and an elegant large frestanding tub, this is an absolutely fabulous boudoir. With beautiful Swarovski crystal handles and a large washbasin, luxury make-up table with fold away mirror and make-up compartments hidden swivel side compartments this will release the inner Diva in you!

Elements offer an array of product including undercupboards, mirrors, tall cabinets, mid-height cabinets and wall-mounted cabinets.

Lavo is inspired by geometric shapes and curves and creates generous side counterspace.

Pli provides power in the stillness of beauty with a wonderful sensuous contour that provides a calming influence and central focus.

Cala has a softened curved shape that gently arches making a beautoful haven of peace and tranquility.

Burgbad satisfy any need from boudoir to contemporary to traditional country style, and with the vast selection offer a choice for everyone, whatever your taste or budget. Create a stylish bathroom from the Solitaire Selection, Masterpiece, Elements or Living Collections.

Rabu, 11 Februari 2009

Shower your loved one on Valentine's Day!

Come and have a glass of fizz and check out our double ended baths, dual basins and large walk-in showers.

Valentine's Day opening hours - 9 - 5


Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.
- Robert Browning

If you have it, you don’t need to have anything else. If you don’t have it, it doesn’t matter much what else you have.
- Sir James M. Barrie

The reduction of the universe to a single being, the expansion of a single being even to God, this is love.
- Victor Hugo

Love conquers all.
- Virgil

Rabu, 21 Januari 2009

a selection from our showroom

The fabulous Harmony tiles by Valentino from Piemme

Victoria & Albert iconic Napoli bath

Valentino by Piemme Harmony Tiles and Envirovision HD TV.

Bizassa Sfumanure Blends Mosaics; Roman Sculptures 1150 Corner Panel; Axor Massaud shut off valve, thermostatic valve, Trio / Quattro Shut off valve, Axor Uno Shower set, Axor Raindance 240mm showerhead and arm, Body jet.

The stunning Bisazza Sfumanture Blends Mosaics

Victoria & Albert Napoli freestanding bath including waste. Axor Massaud free-standing bath shower mixer; Axor Massaud Candle Holders, Bisque Cobratherm towel warmer; Envirovision HD Ready Waterpoof TV with integrated speakers.

Axor massaud Toilet Brush Holder

Catalano C1 850mm 1TH basin, Gessi small basin monobloc and Lea Attitude Wall Tiles Light Bark.

Axor Uno Thermostatic Mixer wit hansgrohe Raindance All Rounder Shower Kit with Newport Tiles.

Check out our fabulous bathroom showroom