Sabtu, 18 Agustus 2012

Gold Rush

After all the excitement of the London 2012 Olympics which has left us all basking in the golden glow of not only our wonderful athletes who performed way above expectations to leave Team GB in 3rd position of the medals, but the fabulous atmosphere that has overtaken the whole country.  We are now in the countdown to the Paralympics but we couldn't resist taking advantage of the go for gold theme!

Trend Gold Notes
The soft golden tones from Trend Mosaics add a warm colour to any room. 

Trend mosaics; Smalti Veneziani, Aureo 24ct
Add a touch of golden opulence to bring luxury and warmth to your interior with wallpapers, textiles, paints, furniture and as shown above 24ct gold mosaics for walls.

Victoria and Albert baths; Cheshire Double Ended Roll Top with ball + claw feet, Marlborough Double Ended Slipper and Shropshire Slipper with ball + claw feet
The Cheshire, Marlborough and Shropshire from Victoria and Albert's range of free-standing baths with subtle golden additions in the way of bedding, carpet, mirror or table and chair giving these bathrooms an air of golden elegance. 

Valentino Tresor Avorio Fiore, Avorio Damsaco, Oro; Valentino Boiserie Listello; Valentino Romantica and Boiserie,
  Add as much glitz and glamour as you choose with Valentino Piemme tiles.

Gessi Mimi in Gold
The soft, feminine lines of Gessi Mimi and opulent hues of the brassware complement the Mimi basin giving you a golden bathroom. 

Alternatively you can have neutral tones on the walls and floor and make a golden statement with your furniture.
Burgbad Gloria
The Gloria range from Burgbad is stylish and full of charm and nostalgia with a restrained elegance and a precious sparkle that only radiates from that something special.  Each piece not only represents handicraft, but the true art of craftsmanship as every individual piece of furniture is unique.   The washstand consists of a chest of drawers with two oval basins, set in a solid, handmade travertine plate. The glass cabinet has real gold ornamental inlays decorative chamfers.

Burgbad Diva in Black with Gold feet and Gold Schwarovski handle
 Diva. Release the inner diva in you and allow yourself a gorgeous bathroom that makes a statement.  Brilliantly sensual and sumptuous, excitingly rich in contrasts and artfully designed, Diva is a masterful interaction of function in perfect form and pure artistry. 

Burgbad Diva in White with Gold feet and handle
This is a beautiful oval basin unit on gold legs seen here in high gloss white, accompanied by a storage cupboard.  You can also choose a Diva dressing table with fold away mirror and compartments to store your make up; a stylish classic that is a perfect combination of technical skill and timeless elegance. 

Bring a golden aura to your bathroom and dip into the Luxury Collection from Oasis.

Oasis Hermitage Folgia Oro / Damascato Nero, Lutetia Nero Lucido Finiture Oro with Marmo Emperador Dark top, Daphne Black Walnut and Hermitage Oro

 The Luxury Collection consists of Daphne, Hermitage and Lutetia, and the Daphne is on display in the Soak in Style showroom.  Choose a stunning decorative finish in high gloss lacquer or wood with gold handles to make your bathroom totally unique with a golden glow.

Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

10 steps to a well planned bathroom

No matter what size your bathroom is, if it is well designed then every day it will be a joy to use.
So what are the key elements that make a bathroom well done and yet highly functional?

Here are our ten easy steps to get you on the road to a fabulous, functional and yet relaxing bathroom.

1. Perfect Positioning
One of the most important aspects to a well planned bathroom is the placement of key items such as the WC, basin unit and bath or shower (or both).  Constraints from the positioning of the soil pipe must be taken into account, but it is always preferable not to have your WC as the first thing you set eyes on when you enter!

2. Super Storage - choose a basin unit with drawers underneath giving you more options, and if you have the room consider a matching or mirrored cupboard.  Can you ever have enough storage?  Are you are super minimalistic?  Or are you a clutter junkie and have vast collections of bathing / shower products, shaving gear, beauty products, toothbrush (usually electric nowadays) ... and the list goes on.
Drawer organisers are virtually essential in any well planned bathroom, and can make such a difference to finding your things quickly.

In the family bathroom you need to allow for plenty of bathroom storage.

3. Accessories - think of them while you are planning your bathroom, it's always more expensive to have someone come back to the house and put these in.

You will need the 4 essentials that we include in any bathroom design;
Soak Dispenser
Toilet Brush
Toilet Roll Holder
Towel rail / ring

Don’t forget to think about hooks - these  are essential for hanging your clothes or dressing gown on.  If you have not chosen a mirror cabinet with an electric point for either a shaver or more commonly nowadays, an electric toothbrush, you will need a mug for your toothbrush and toothpaste.

4. Towel Warmer - not only useful for hanging towels on, but provides warmth in the bathroom and means your towels can be toasty warm at any time of the year.  There is huge range of different shapes, sizes and colours to choose from, your only limitations are your imagination - or your budget!

5. Underfloor Heating
We always recommend this as it means an end to all those freezing floors when you step out of the bath or shower.

It is essential if you have a shower - particularly a walk-in shower or wet room as it speedily dries the floor area.  If you have cats you will find this is where they will spend their time!

6. Shelving
Always useful when built in to the shower area, and we make a design feature of it with clever use of mosaics.

7. Use space wisely
This is where a fully trained bathroom designer can really help, they can come up with ideas you never even think of, ensuring that every bit of space is used to it's fullest potential.

8. Ease of Use
With so many stunning bathroom products now available it can be easy to get overwhelmed by it all and forget that you need a practical, functional room that fits all your requirements.  A bathroom is not something that you think of replacing every year, it is a major expenditure that usually has a minimum lifespan of 10 years.  So it is important to get it right and this really where it is worth taking the advice of your local friendly bathroom showroom with knowledgeable staff that can give you specialist design and technical advice.

9. Tiling
Unless you have an existing wooden floor that you want to keep you should plan to tile the floor, any wall area where a shower is, around the bath - at least to allow for splashes - and a splash-back for the basin.
Fully tiled bathroom with walk-in shower and bath
Fully tiled shower room
 We find in a contemporary bathroom our clients prefer to fully tile, and for traditional bathrooms there are tiles that look like wooden flooring which are very popular.
Porcelain wood effect tiles from Piemme on display in the Soak in Style Showroom
Wood effect flooring, mosaic shower area and built in shelf

10.  Tanking the Floor
 We always recommend this tanking the floor as a belt and braces action, and regard it as essential when installing a wet room.

Jumat, 10 Agustus 2012

Hansgrohe Raindance Select Showerpipe

Perfection creates emotion

Raindance Select Showerpipe

Raindance Select Showerpipe

Shower with the softness of summer rain

"Everyone has a different idea of what makes the perfect shower." 

                                                                                                         (Richard Grohe)
Feel the pleasant massage of the plump, effervescent raindrops from the 360 mm shoulder-wide overhead shower, or on the hand shower you can choose between three jet types: RainAir (soft), CaresseAir (massaging) and Mix (the best of both). The thermostat is both practical and yet attractively designed: the shelf area of the Ecostat Select provides ample space for shampoo and shower gel.

Ecostat Select with shelf area for shampoo / shower gel

You just need to turn it on and sing while you wash!

Hansgrohe's newest innovation, Raindance Select Showerpipe, is an individual shower system that both reflects the spirit of the times and beautifully complements their range. The Hansgrohe formula for the standard integrated AirPower technology is: lots of air + a little water = an invigorating, pleasurable shower experienceQuickClean guarantees that your enjoyment will be long-lasting.
The Raindance Select hand shower:

Hansgrohe Raindance Select Hand Shower

  • Responds to the mere touch of a button
  • Comes with a 150 mm spray disc
  • Is flowing, modern, handy and convenient to use
  • Is available with completely chrome-plated spray disc or in fresh two-colour design with a white/chrome look
  • Continues the success story of the often-copied Raindance hand showers

Raindance Select Showerpipe: A compelling trio

It's not just the Raindance overhead shower...
It's not just the Raindance Select hand shower...
It's not just the Ecostat Select thermostat.
Raindance Select Showerpipe 360

It's the perfect combination of all three elements, which ensures the perfect pleasurable shower experience.

Rabu, 08 Agustus 2012

The Luxury Collection from Oasis

Luxury is the the most classical collection of Oasis and includes a new range designed by the architect Massimiliano Raggi; Lutetia.

Lutetia from the Luxury Collection by Oasis

Lutetia is inspired by the Art Déco style, which was the name given by the ancient Romans to Paris, the capital of the Art Déco style.  The Art Déco period flourished during the 1920's and 1930's after being introduced during the Paris Exhibition in 1925, and applied to all design forms as well as architecture including factories, offices and skyscrapers.  
The Flat Iron Building, New York

Empire State Building, New York

The iconic landmark on the A40 - The Hoover Factory - now a Tesco store in West London
Art Déco was strongly influenced by the geometric and zigzag angular shapes of Cubism, Ancient Egypt - after the discover of the Tutankhamun tomb in 1922, and Mayan art from South America.  
The former Carreras Cigarette Factory known as The Black Cat Factory in London
Art Déco was able to take advantage of the new innovative machine age incorporating plastics, chrome and aluminium which was incorporated in the new mode of air travel - the first commercial flights took place during this time, the Orient Express and ocean liners.  The designs were also reflected in paintings, pottery, textiles and wallpaper, and the mirrors, chrome and black were used extensively, along with highly polished wood and gloss black lacquer, often used with contrasting furnishings of satin and furs.  The most obvious references are seen in the handles, feet and the square lines of the furniture.
Oasis Luxury Collection - Lutetia
Lutetia console dressing table in black lacquer with gold tipped feet and gold handles.
Oasis Luxury Collection - Lutetia
The Lutetia bathroom vanity unit in black lacquer with tapered legs with chrome tipped feet and chrome handles.  Shown with 1 drawer - other widths and drawer options are available.

The mirrors and the lamps, combined with the console where the basin sits, are designed to evoke a typical Twenties atmosphere.   The glossy resin basins are characterized by the generous shapes that are inspired by classicism.  The diamond cuts and the details of the mirrors have been handmade by expert artisans of Murano.
Oasis Luxury Collection - Lutetia with Gold Handles and Gold Tipped Feet and the Rosaline bath.
The classic lines of a Lutetia double basin unit with single drawers combine with the sumptuous luxury of a mirrored bath for a luxurious bathroom.

Daphne is also part of the Oasis Luxury Collection and is on display in the Soak in Style showroom.  Daphne is available in Rosewood, Black Walnut and a range of high gloss lacquer finishes.

Oasis Luxury Collection - Daphne - 6 Drawers
The strong contrasts emphasize the geometric precision and details of the furniture: here a wood finish in palisander softens and enhances the elegant and harmonious contours as well as adding warmth.  The Emperado marble top complements the black walnut.  Gold handles and gold metal feet add that a sophisticated finishing touch.    

Oasis Luxury Collection - Daphne with 6 Drawers and sit on Basin
The Hermitage range of the Oasis Luxury collection hints at Russian opulence and the mystery of the Orient.  Exquisite detailing and lavish finishes make this range a truly opulent choice for a bathroom.  The Hermitage range offers a choice of fabulous foil and many high gloss lacquer finishes.  Select from bronze, chrome or gold embellished handles, feet and profiles and create a bespoke and individual luxury designer bathroom.

Oasis Luxury Collection - Hermitage

The Hermitage is shown in black lacquer with 4 doors, a marble counter-top and under-counter basin, and there is internal glass shelving.  A Baroque mirror and wall lights complement the rich design.

Oasis Luxury Collection - Hermitage in silver damask

The Hermitage is shown here with a glossy resin basin sitting on black lacquer with a silver damask pattern, with 4 doors all operated with a push and pull system, with internal glass shelving.  Select from 4 sizes and a variety of finishes - gold or silver leaf and lacquered colours. 
Oasis Luxury Collection - Hermitage in gold leaf
The Hermitage in gold leaf with a marble top and 4 doors.  The Oval mirror and Cabinet are optional extras.  Exquisite detailing and a lavish finish make these truly luxury items for your bathroom.


The Hermitage is shown on the right in black lacquer with silver arabesque pattern, a marble top, under-counter basin, 4 doors with push / pull opening system and internal glass shelves.  On the left is a glossy resin basin sitting on lacquered counter-top with 2 doors in floral silver leaf.
Available in 4 sizes and 30 lacquered colors, gold leaf or silver leaf.   You can add cabinets for extra storage and a Baroque Mirror for the finishing touch to your designer bathroom.

Hermitage bathroom vanity unit shown with a silver leaf top and a black floral pattern on silver leaf with 4 doors. Composition as shown includes glossy white resin basin, silver leaf top, 4 doors with internal glass shelves.  The Baroque mirror and wall lights are an optional extra.

The Daphne from the Luxury Collection by Oasis is on display in the Soak in Style showroom.

Minggu, 05 Agustus 2012

Soak in Style Blog - July Round-Up

As we come to the start of the second week of the London Olympics it's hard to believe that August is already here.  Great excitement as most of us have managed to get tickets for London 2012 Olympics this week at Weymouth and Eton Dorney!  We have staff shortages due to illness, so please bear with us if there are not as many posts coming out as usual since June.

1.   Ex-Display Sale - Dansani Luna 
700cm Dansani Luna in Gloss White 2 Drawer Basin Unit and Tall Cupboard, currently on display in the Soak in Style showroom.

2.   Ex-Display Sale - Bisque Arteplano Towel Radiators
Due to changes in the showroom we have 2 1860 x 60cm Bisque Arteplano Towel Radiators currently on ex-display sale.

The Bathroom Design Brief
All the information we need to come up with a solution for your new luxury designer bathroom.

3.  What is a design brief?

4.  Introducing Frame from The Master Collection by Oasis.  Soak are delighted to be appointed premier dealers for Oasis, which offers fabulous ranges of high gloss lacquer or wood bathroom furniture.

Frame is part of the Master Collection from Oasis, as if Infinity which is on display in the Soak in Style showroom.

6.  The Olympic Torch in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

We shut up shop for 15 minutes to watch the Torch along the A4 Bath Road which is just a 2 minute walk (if that) from our showroom in Maidenhead.  Union Jacks flying everywhere, great excitement, high-fives and waves from the police out-riders and then the Torch came past, then on to Eton Dorney where the Rowing takes place during the London Olympics before finishing for the night at Windsor Castle with HM The Queen.  Wonderful atmosphere and the excitement was building for the Olympics, and you can check out these photos from Windsor from The UK Mama Blog.

6.  Room with a View - over the Texan Hills from a bathroom featuring a Victoria and Albert Toulouse bath, hands up who wants a view like that from one of their bathrooms!

7.  Plan a Perfect Traditional Bathroom.  Pick up some ideas and hints with a selection of traditional with a twist bathrooms.

Hope you've all had a fantastic Olympic Weekend, and best of luck to all at Team GB for the forthcoming week.