Kamis, 28 November 2013

Knockout Neutrals - The Greys Have It

Neutrals are the mainstay of many people's wardrobes and interiors - classics are classics for a reason - they NEVER go out of fashion!  Neutrals used with flair and style create harmony and luxury in your home.  They can however look dull and bland but this can easily be avoided by adding pattern and layers into the room.  For those of you who are nervous of choosing your colours yourself look on Pinterest for inspiration, tear out pages you like from magazines and gradually you can build up confidence in narrowing down what your favourite look is.  Alternatively take the advice of a specialist designer who will be happy to assist.

The leading colour in neutrals at the moment is Grey - or should we say 50 shades of grey as every permutation of the colour is popular both in fashion and in interiors. 
Oasis Infinity Grigio
Oasis Master Grigio
Duravit X-Large - Oak Anthracite
Duravit Happy D.2 - Linen (a tactile textured finish)
Dansani Zaro
Bisque Tetro - Volcanic
Bisque Tetro - Volcanic
Bisque Svelte - Volcanic
Trend Mosaico Aureo Grey
Trend Mosaico Aureo Grey
Trend Liberty Onyx
Grey bath via Pinterest (Belle Vivir)
Grey and Gold , the gold softens the grey - see on Pinterest
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Sabtu, 16 November 2013

Indulge yourself

Winter is on the way, the nights are drawing in and there is a chill in the air.  Enjoy a warm pamper in a soothing soak in a bath.  Just because.
Victoria + Albert Amalfi Bath
Toulouse by Victoria + Albert
Gessi ISpa Bath
Duravit Happy D.2 freestanding Bath

Selasa, 12 November 2013

Cersaie 2013 - A Visual Smorgasbord!

Following on from our last post, here are a few items that caught out eye (some not in a good way!) as we hiked the halls.
a bling moment
Rubinetterie Treemme TIME

Rubinetterie Treemme - 5MM
Rubinetterie Treemme - LIGHT
Rubinetterie Treemme - PHILO
Beautiful traditional style bath - Devon + Devon
Traditional style Vanity Units - very similar to Sbordoni

Onix Mosaics
Onix Mosaics
Tonalite Metro Tiles
Metro Tiles including Gallery Slim from Land Porcelanico

Jumat, 08 November 2013

Cersaie 2013

Bologna - Cersaie 2013- as usual a smorgasborg of visual delights and an assault on the senses!  If we were to sum up our visual impressions on tiles in a few words we would say Concrete, Neutral, Texture and Wood (effect).  All shades of neutral abounded, with 50 shades of grey leading the way.  Textured tiles were in abundance, with wood effect, etched or fabric designs.  In terms of sanitaryware and bathroom furniture there was a mix of contemporary and traditional.  Contemporary was cutting edge designs with whippet thin furniture.  Traditional was rich and ornate with lots of gold or brass, this may be an Italian trend rather then spreading over the rest of Europe.
Balmy Bologna on a September morning
Catalano Impronta
Catalano Impronta 1250
Catalano Proiezioni 1050
Catalano Sfera 1000 c/w Innova furniture
Valentino by Piemme -  Elite
Valentino by Piemme - Marmi Reali
Valentino by Piemme - Prestige Bianco
PiemmeGres - Essenze Frassino
PiemmeGres - Geostone Beige
Hansgrohe Raindance Select
Hansgrohe Raindance Select - fabulous flow of water

Bisazza Flow
Bisazza Kumo Light Cloud
Bisazza Andromeda
Bisazza Opera
Bisazza Frozen Garden - Winter designed by Marcel Wanders
Bisazza Frozen Garden - Ice
Frozen Garden - Ice from Bisazza, designed by Marcel Wanders
Amalfi bath by Victoria + Albert on the Apavisa stand

Senin, 04 November 2013

Trending Stylish Subway

The design classic Metro tiles are popular in the UK and came to prominence in the early part of the 20th century after they were used in the underground stations, which is where they take their name from (the Metropolitan line was opened in 1863).  Subway tiles are also extremely popular in the USA, and similarly came to prominence when white ceramic tiles were used in the New York subways - hence both the names.
Gillespie Road - which was renamed Arsenal after the football club in 1932
Regents Park Underground
 London Underground Metro Tiles

Russell Square (London Underground) metro tiles

Baker Street (London Underground) Metro tiles - Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Conan Doyle's iconic detective)
As with many design classics, Trend Group have just updated their version with a modern twist in their new Subway collection.  Subway offers metro chic with a selection colours and pattern choices which can be used in any room.

Subway is available in the traditional brick format and Trend have added a contemporary look this iconic tile with their hand-crafted glass mosaics and Italian flair for design.  The Trend Subway range has natural shading variations, along with gentle furrows or smooth liquid glass finishes which can be alternated producing iridescent textures.  There is also an option of matt or mirror backed finishes corrugated or smooth.

Subway tiles are made from up to 75% recycled glass and are ideal for anyone wanting to add a stylish reinvented classic to any room with endless options; from bathrooms to kitchens as well as fireplace surrounds, or commercial use in restaurants.

In the Subway collection you can choose from Amber, Bronzite, Diamond, Honey, Noir, Onyx, Opal and Pearl and they are available in 7.5 x 15cm (3"x6").  Subway Mirage select from Amber, Bronzite, Diamond and Onyx are also available in a mirror backed finish on the reverse and are known as Subway Mirage, these are usually used as accents.
Subway Noir
Subway Opal
Subway is hand cut from Trend's exquisite Karma through-bodied coloured glass, which is reminiscent of stained glass church windows.  Karma is formed by hand into large sheets, the process of folding and tempering creates deep lines within the body of the glass, giving rise to natural veining.  This reflects the painstaking work that goes into making Subway tiles and a sign of true Italian craftmanship.

Subway Amber Inserts

 Subway Bronzite

 Subway Bronzie Inserts