Sabtu, 22 Juni 2013

Tips for Saving Water

We can all save water if we put our mind to it.  If you remember to do at least one of these it can become a good habit and will reduce your use of water.  
  • When washing your hands or shaving don’t leave the tap running, run a small amount of water into a mug and use this to dip your toothbrush into - this soon becomes a habit (a good one!)
  • Dripping taps, cisterns etc are not only irritating they waste thousands of gallons every year, so replace the seals or call your local plumber
  • A full bath needs can use up to 80 litres of water, just run a slightly lower bath - every little helps!
  • A quick shower uses less water than a bath and refreshes you speedily
  • Flushing the toilet uses lots of drinking water, so does it need to flushed all the time?
  • How often do you need to wash your car?  Use recycled water from rainwater butts
  • Think green - recycle rain water through water butts, available via your local council or garden centre, or if you can, recycle your bath water using a long hose
  • In summer when it is hot water only in the evening when it has cooled down, preferably using recycled rain water
Climate protection starts with showering and an ecological approach to hand washing. As a champion of the value of water, Hansgrohe assumes a pioneering role in dealing with this precious resource. Hansgrohe mixers and showers are fitted with the EcoSmart technology and require up to 60% less water than conventional products – and without any loss of comfort.  Lower hot water consumption means a lower energy requirement = fewer CO2 emissions and lower costs.
Hansgrohe Raindance 120 EcoSmart Shower

Thanks to the enrichment of water with air, EcoSmart equals showering pleasure and you will feel the difference on your skin. Eco? Logical. 

Rabu, 19 Juni 2013

Duravit Happy D.2 redefined

Less is more is the new ethos in bathroom sanitaryware.  With this in mind Duravit and Sieger Design have redefined the classic Happy D range and brought it into the twenty first century.  The new Happy D.2 is feminine and chic, and draws on the best from the iconic Happy D range.

Happy D.2 Basin
Happy D.2 basin - note the smooth, slim lines round the sides and edge of the basin.

Duravit Happy D.2 Basin + Furniture
Completely revamped for 2013 it has been 15 years since the launch of Happy D. Happy D.2 combines reassuringly familiar characteristics with a modern and softer look.

A minimalist and light touch is a hallmark of the whole range which includes basins, baths, toilets and complementary furniture.

Happy D.2 is characterised by sweeping symmetrical contours and smooth, delicate lines. The washstands each consist of a generous basin bordered by a significantly trimmed edge. Whilst retaining the characteristic design style, the updated version appears to float.

Minimalism and refinement are the two maxims behind the Happy D.2 range of furniture. The newly tweaked basin unit has been pared down to two wide drawers (see below), reflecting the contours of the basin with soft curves in the front corners.  The space-saving console furniture (see above) comes with an edge height of just 12 mm.  Depending on which basin you choose and which tap configuration, the tap can be positioned traditionally in the middle or to one side.  The furniture has been redefined as well and now features a new “linen” decor finish with a distinctive texture and natural feel.  The range is rounded off with tall cabinets (see below), a height-adjustable chrome console, wall shelves, and mirrors with indirect LED light.  The Happy D.2 in linen is on display in the Soak in Style Showroom.
Duravit Happy D.2 basin unit with the linen decor finish
Duravit Happy D.2 Basin Unit and Happy D.2 Bath
Happy D.2 basin unit in gloss white showing the new soft contours, and Happy D.2 back-to-wall bath, again with finely tuned soft curves.

Duravit Happy D.2 Basin Unit + Tall Cupboard
Happy D.2 Basin Unit and Tall Cupboard in the new linen decor finish. 

Alongside the sanitaryware and furniture, the Happy D.2 series includes 13 baths also with a strikingly minimalist edge.  With a generous interior and ease of entry, these baths are designed to be functional. This goes for the back-to-wall version and the free-standing model, which – despite its slimline edge – accommodates the technology of a whirl system.
Happy D.2 freestanding bath
The newly tweaked Happy D.2 freestanding bath - with soft rounded corners that are thinner.
Duravit Happy D.2 back to wall bath
Happy D.2 back to wall with narrow slim curved rim.

Redefined Duravit Happy D.2 freestanding bath plus console basins with high gloss white furniture

Happy D.2 freestanding bath and console basins with white high gloss furniture

Redefined Happy D.2 basin unit in white high gloss finish
Happy D.2 large basin with white gloss furniture

Duravit Happy D.2 freestanding bath
Close up of Happy D.2 freestanding bath

Duravit Happy D.2 back to wall bath; high gloss white basin unit
Happy D.2 back to wall bath plus large white basin unit in high gloss white

Night scene of Duravit Happy D.2 freestanding bath

Imagine soaking in a beautiful location ... the Duravit Happy D.2 freestanding bath ... candles an optional extra!

Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

Dash for Dads - Child Bereavement - 16 June 2013 + Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research - Windsor 2nd June

Soak in Style's Fiona Lock is taking part in the  

Race for Life

on 2 June 2013 at Windsor

Dash for Dads 

on 16 June 2013 at West Wycombe

8 years ago Fiona had treatment for breast cancer (Grade 3 invasive tumour) and a few years later skin cancer.  

Her eldest daughter, Catriona, has also undergone treatment for a rare cancer during her final year at university.  5 years later Catriona underwent treatment for secondary tumours in her lungs.

Fiona's father died suddenly of heart problems just a month after his 70th birthday, so she has entered the Child Bereavement UK's Dash for Dads in his memory.

Fiona says "cancer has had a huge impact on my family's life and when my friend's father was diagnosed with cancer I suggested we enter the Race for Life to raise whatever funds we could.  We have been up at 5.30am for 6 mornings a week since 28 March training, and both we and our dogs are now much fitter, although not likely to represent a danger to the leaders in the race!  Every penny helps, and with gift aid it means the charity gets 100%."

If you would like to sponsor Fiona please click here

We also have a Just Giving Form in the showroom for where people can make their donations.  Fiona was joined by AnnMarie Mullan from Anthony Mullan Kitchens in the Race for Life.