Senin, 29 April 2013

Ex-Display: DURAVIT 600mm MULTIBOX Mirror Cabinet


Duravit 600mm Multibox Mirror Cabinet

Multibox Mirror Cabinet from Duravit (600mm)  (NOTE: DURAVIT IMAGE)
Multibox Mirror Cabinet by Duravit

The Duravit Multibox as seen in the Soak in Style showroom.

RRP £811.20                                                                         SALE PRICE £429

Kamis, 25 April 2013

X-Large by Duravit - reinterpreted for 2013

The new X-Large range from Duravithas been re-interpreted to give a sense of weightlessness with extra thin consoles only 12mm thick.   

X-Large Reinterpreted Console Basin

Duravit's X-Large new vanity units also have the same feature and are complemented by narrow, elegant aluminium handles.  The X-Large Furniture in available in various widths and two depths to choose from,  and you can select from 8 different finishes including the new Natural Walnut. 

Shown here with a Vero sit on basin on X-Large drawer units in Oak Anthracite.
Duravit X-Large reinterpreted for 2013
Duravit X-Large reinterpreted for 2013; Dark Walnut vanity unit
Dark Walnut wall-mounted vanity unit with Darling New basin.

 The mirror cabinet with LED technology also comes in the matching finishes and is also available with the new sound system.  The music can be streamed vial all Bluetooth compatible device - including your smartphone.  Everything is concealed behind a 55mm high panel. The system is specifically developed for use in bathrooms and has a soft, clean surround sound. 

Duravit X-Large reinterpreted for 2013; updated mirror cabinet also available with sound system
Sometimes the most subtle changes can make a big difference. This applies to Duravit’s updated X-Large range, which was originally designed by sieger design and introduced in 2000.  Subtle refinements make the range appear more minimalist without losing the spaciousness.  It comes across as fresher, and enters 2013 as a diverse furniture range.

The 2013 re-vamp has given X-Large an unmistakably new shape and a whole new look.

Jumat, 12 April 2013

Ex Display Sale: DURAVIT Starck 3 Wall Hung WC + Seat

Ex-Display Sale

Duravit Starck 3   SOLD
Short Projection Wall Hung WC + Soft Close Seat

Ex display sale: Starck 3 Wall Hung WC + Seat
RRP £350                                                                             SALE PRICE   SOLD

Kamis, 11 April 2013

EX-DISPLAY SALE: Duravit Happy D CC Pan, Cistern + Seat


DURAVIT Happy D Close Coupled WC, Cistern 

+ Soft Close Seat (fully BTW Pan)

RRP £550.80                                                            SALE PRICE £249
Price includes VAT 

Currently on display in the Soak in Style showroom 

NOW SOLD - Ex-Display Sale - Roman Orbital Folding Bath Screen RH

EX DISPLAY SALE                  SOLD

Roman Orbital Folding Bath Screen Right Hand

Ex Display Sale:  Roman Orbital Folding Bath Screen

RRP    £544.11                                                      SALE PRICE : NOW SOLD

Shower Screen is currently on display in the Soak in Style showroom

Rabu, 10 April 2013

Ex Display Sale BETTE Starlet IV Comfort Bath


BETTE Starlet IV Comfort Bath

Small repaired chip on outside corner

Ex Display Sale   BETTE Starlet IV Comfort Bath

Ex Display Sale   BETTE Starlet IV Comfort Bath
Ex Display Sale BETTE Starlet IV Comfort Bath

RRP   £3536.40                                                        SALE PRICE £1499


Please note that the headrests shown in picture 1 and 2 are not included in the sale.

Selasa, 09 April 2013

ISH 2013 Part 2

Final part of our trip to ISH 2013, which by now was somewhat railroaded by heavy snow closing the airport, meaning we were stranded in Frankfurt for the night, with no hotel booked!  After several lengthy phone calls to our airline, much hassle etc we found rooms, but this had curtailed the time spent at the Fair.
Baths by Aquamass
All sort of brightly coloured, fun and funky designs from French company Aquamass.
Funky furniture and designs from Flaminia - we're loving the cookie cutter / quiche dish basins!

Moving onto a busy Dansani stand which stunningly showcased their units including a few prototypes as well as new colours and styles to their existing ranges; Calidris, Curvo, Zaro, Luna and Mido and Special Collection.
Dansani at ISH 2013
Dansani at ISH 2013
Now we come to the Victoria + Albert stand.  A beautifully understated stand that unveiled their new ranges of baths which were just waiting for us to try out, so we did!  We can tell you how comfortable they are, even climbing in and out in winter gear in trepidation of marking them.  With scuffs easily rubbed out being a feature of the Quarrycast© material the baths are made from, our minds were put at ease.

the new Drayton re-works the original slipper bath adding modern refinements of a stylish rim, but keeping the comfort of the iconic reclining slipper bath we know and love.

The new Staffordshire Bath Shower Mixer in Chrome enhances any freestanding traditional styled bath.

Drayton basin on a furniture unit
New Drayton basin sitting on bespoke furniture (furniture is not for sale).
Close up of Victoria + Albert Drayton basin
Victoria + Alberts Drayton basin with a classic rimmed bowl shape, reminiscent of bygone years with all the praciticallity of a modern design and finish.

Victoria and Albert Radford Bath with Staffordshire Bath Mixer
Also new from Victoria and Albert is the opulent double-ended Radford bath also shown here with a Staffordshire Bath Mixer.

The Staffordshire Bath / Shower Mixer with Freestanding Standpipes in brushed chrome.

The complementing traditional styled Radford Basin on bespoke furniture (furniture is not for sale)

The Radford Collection from Victoria + Albert on display at ISH 2013.

The Cabrits bath from Victoria and Albert at ISH 2013
The Cabrits bath is contoured to fit the body and offers enhanced support for bathers.   A cosy and comfortable bath that would enhance any bathroom.

Victoria and Albert's Mozzano bath at ISH 2013
 The new Mozzano bath - you miss some of the incline on the back in this image which you can see more clearly here ...

Mozzano Bath from Victoria and Albert
A beautifully crafted rimless freestanding bath, with curves and ergonomic design. The 1644mm length makes it ideal for compact bathroom spaces.

Our thoughts on Frankfurt; many of the giants of the bathroom world including Duravit, Bette and Dansani have re-tweaked / re-invented / re-vamped their ranges by slimming them down and making them current for the 21st Century.  Hansgrohe Select combines stylish appearance that is a excellent for ageing customers with stiff fingers but also much less intrusive on the wall for younger clients, winner all round.