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Contemporary Economic Policy
Volume 25 Issue 4, Pages: 278-590
Published Online: 29 Oct 2007
© 2010 Western Economic Association International


The paper provides an ex post analysis of the financial burden and economic benefits of the World Cup (WC) in Germany 2006. Based on the usual cost-benefit measures, the experience of WC 2006 appears to be in line with existing empirical research on large sporting events and sports stadiums, which have rarely identified significant net economic benefits. The lessons from Germany 2006 provide a context for analyzing the potential risks and benefits for South Africa (SA), the WC hosts in 2010. For SA, a careful analysis might be even more urgent to assure the sustainability of investment in stadiums. The paper also argues that the "feel-good" and public image effects of sports events should no longer be neglected in cost-benefit studies of large sporting events, even though these effects have the character of experience goods, and their value are thus likely to be underestimated ex ante.


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Peran Mass Customization Dan Basic Market Orientation DalamMeningkatan Kinerja Pemasaran

The 2nd National Conference UKWMS
Surabaya, 6 September 2008

Gendut Sukarno

Perkembangan industri semakin meningkat ditandai dengan semakin banyak perusahaan dengan berbagai macam produksinya. Memasarkan suatu produk bukan hanya menjual atau menukarkan barang dengan sesuatu, akan tetapi memasarkan produk sekaligus berusaha memenuhi kebutuhan dan keinginan konsumen, sehingga konsumen merasa puas. Kondisi seperti ini akan menimbulkan persaingan yang ketat diantara perusahaan – perusahaan yang menawarkan produk sejenisnya. Secara konseptual terdapat banyak cara untuk mencapai dan melanggengkan kinerja pemasaran, salah satu diantaranya adalah dengan berorientasi pelanggan dan pesaing agar dapat meningkatkan kinerjanya. Berorientasi terhadap pelanggan dan pesaing adalah salah satu  metode yang dapat digunakan apabila perusahaan ingin unggul dalam persaingan. Ada tiga dimensi dalam berorientasi pelanggan dan pesaing, yaitu customization, basic market orientation dan competitive benchmarking. 
Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisis model konseptual Mass Customization dan Basic Market Orientation Terhadap Kinerja Pemasaran Produk Merek “Viva” di Surabaya. Diharapkan dapat membantu pimpinan perusahaan dalam mengambil keputusan dalam meningkatkan dan menjaga eksistensi industri kosmetik produksi dalam negeri. Sampel yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah counter atau pedagang /toko di Surabaya sebanyak 100.
Metode analisis yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah Structural Equation Modeling [SEM], dan pengukuran modelnya adalah Confirmatory Factor Analysis [CFA]. Dengan menggunakan AMOS 4.01 hasil pengujian menunjukkan bahwa mass customization berpengaruh signifikan dan positif terhadap kinerja pemasaran Produk Merek “Viva” di Surabaya terbukti kebenarannya. Demikian juga basic market orientation berpengaruh signifikan dan positif terhadap kinerja pemasaran Produk Merek “Viva” di Surabaya terbukti kebenarannya.
Keyword : Mass customization, basic market orientation, kinerja pemasaran.


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Axor Bouroullec from Hansgrohe

The new Bouroullec Collection from Hansgrohe was launched in Paris on 17 June 2010 at the Maison des Metallos cultural centre, not far from the studio of the designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. 
Ronan Bouroullec opened his speech with "The development of Axor Bouroullet was a unique experience, and at the same time, not an easy task at all, because these object are meant to accompany us for 20 or even 30 years". 
Erwan Bouroullec followed his brother by saing "For us, our time with Axor represents six very important and exciting years!  Explaining the uniqueness of the collection, he said "Axor Bouroullec is based on the alphabet of one person.  The products have to fit in with the architecture and the person.  Furthermore, water, air, light and ergonomics play a decisive role in finding a personal solution for the use of the bathroom".  
Whether it's a farmhouse in Brittany or a luxury hotel in Dubai, the location of the bathroom is of no consequence.
The guests watched a short film which revealed for the first time how the principles of Axor Bouroullec work.  with a lightness of touch and playful pleasure, the designer brothers presented the unique and flexible freedom of design which this collections allows.  Mixers, shelves, basins and accessories float through the room and combine together to form a variety of units  The music was specially composed for this film.  Charming illustrations underscore the sensuality of the modest and at the same time soft design.

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Jurnal Perpustakaan Pertanian Vol. 14, Nomor 1, 2005

Sri Retno Andarwati
Bambang S. Sankarto

A research had been conducted to study the usage of internet and the level of gratification obtained by researchers of the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development. The study aimed to analyze correlation between internet usage (intensity, type of information, researcher speciality) and the gratification (information suitability, private usage and pleasure). The study was conducted in November 2002 up to January 2003 toward the researchers in three research institutes located in Bogor. Simple random sampling was applied to meet research sample whereas the data obtained by questionnaire. While Likert scale was used to assembly the questions proposed. Research results showed that the more high education level and researcher strata, the more internet access frequency. The level of gratification in obtaining information from on-line resources was influenced by the intensity of accessing internet; the more intense and obtain conform and adequate information, the more high level of gratification. The development of internet usage among the researchers was affected by the level of gratification including knowledge, suitable information, and private usage and entertainment.

Keywords: Internet, researcher, uses and gratification, Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development


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Peranan Knowledge Management dalam Internasionalisasi Jasa Pendidikan Tinggi Indonesia

The 2nd National Conference UKWMS
Surabaya, 6 September 2008

Benedictus Karno Budiprasetyo

The implementation of the competitive advantage development in the resource-based theory depends on the human capital factor, specifically on the knowledge level as a key variable that influenced the resource of the firms to gain the positional advantage within the industry and to achieve the sustainable competitive advantage in the long-term. Knowledge as a competitive asset and a value factor of the higher education services industry should be explored in the context of internationalization strategy implementation. Hence, this empirical research explores how the knowledge management development influences the management behavior of the higher education institution and the implementation of the internationalization strategy. Using PLS model estimation, it founded that the knowledge management development influence the implementation of the internationalization strategy (OSE:.50 and R2:.28)  indirectly through the management behavior (OSE:.54 and R2:.29). This research result was a new phenomenon, since the previous research results shows a direct influence of the knowledge management development to the internationalization strategy implementation. This result directing the conclusion that internationalization behavior of a higher education services industry was quite different that the manufacturing or trading industry.

Keywords : knowledge management, sustainable comptitive advantage, higher education management, resource-based approach.


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BULETIN STUDI EKONOMI Volume 13 Nomor 2 Tahun 2008

Gede Riana

This research is aimed to study empirically the effect of trust in a brand variable which includes brand characteristic, company characteristic and consumer – brand characteristic to brand loyalty. The mark being researched is drink water of Aqua of which respondents are take from the use of Aqua drink water in Denpasar City.
The result of this research shows that simultaneous and partial variable of trust in a brand have significant effect to brand royalty. The effect of trust in a brand to brand royalty is 0.971 with significance level of 0.000. While partially, the effect of trust in a brand variable is as follows: first, the brand characteristic has significant effect to brand loyalty with beta coefficient of 0.668 with significance level of 0.000, where brand characteristic has dominant effect to brand loyalty. The company characteristic has significant effect to brand loyalty with beta coefficient of 0.224 with significance level of 0.000. Consumer – brand characteristic also has significant to brand loyalty with beta coefficient of 0.165 with significance level of 0.000
In the effort to increase loyalty to brand, the company must increase and maintain trust of customers to the company. Brand characteristic is as one of the most dominant variable must remain to be controlled directly by the company.
Key words: trust in a brand, brand loyalty


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Download PuraVida app onto your iPhone.

Hansgrohe@home – realize your bathroom dreams on your iPhone or iPod Touch

PuraVida, the new bathroom collection from Hansgrohe, creates a perfect fusion of the color white and chrome aesthetics. PuraVida is: functional beauty and a prize-winning design with efficient technology.
Want to have some fun and see what the new PuraVida faucet would look like in your home? It couldn't be easier thanks to this new app from Hansgrohe..
How it works: simply take a photograph of the washbasin in your bathroom, remove your own faucet digitally and insert the new PuraVida faucet. Love the result? Then save the picture in the gallery.  You can also send it directly to your friends.
The application also provides further information on the world of PuraVida and other products like the handshower or showerhead. The experience of sensuality in the bathroom – now available on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

What does PuraVida look like on your washbasin? Download our PuraVida app onto your iPhone.  

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Soak supplies bathrooms for new Eco-Home

Soak was selected to supply the bathroom products for a bespoke five bedroom luxury eco-home which was designed by Baca Architects for a music-loving family who live in the Chilterns.  This home received a Special Commendation in Best New Home 2010 from the London Evening Standard Home Property Awards.

The grand, barrel vaulted upper floor accommodates a sequence of open plan living spaces with views to the outside at every glance. The curved plan and section allowed a considerable sized family home to be designed within a discreet building envelope. Window bays provide views towards the distant hills of the Chilterns. The green roof and green oak cladding tie the building into the surroundings. The accommodation is inverted, with the living space occupying the barrel-vaulted upper floor. The music room sits at the heart of the home and can be shut off via 3.1m high acoustic sliding folding glass doors. Energy saving is achieved from a wood burning stove / boiler, solar thermal and electrical panels which provide 20% renewable energy. 

There are 4 bathrooms and a cloakroom and the family bathroom has been transformed into a sensational subterranean boudoir. Copper and white tiles reflect the sparkle of fibre-optic lights buried into the wall, like a newly discovered quartz vein. 

A Victoria & Albert Napoli basin sits on a generous slab with a pressed steel 1700 x 750 bath is enclosed by 3 walls. There is also a Duravit Starck shower tray with a Roman Sculptures shower screen. 

A brightly lit oak lined master en-suite bathroom benefits from a picture window and mirrored wall, which bring the outside within as it overlooks the garden, and includes an egg-shaped Victoria & Albert Napoli bath complete with floor-standing waste, Catalano Muse basin, Duravit Starck 3 close coupled toilet and Zehnder towel warmer.

The second and third en suites both feature a Duravit Starck shower tray, Duravit Bacino basin and Duravit Starck 3 wall hung toilet. The cloakroom contains a Catalano Proiezioni Basin and Duravit Starck wall hung toilet.

The music room is located at the centre of the house. Sliding folding acoustic glass doors span the entire end wall, enabling the room to be closed off from the rest of the house for composing or opened out to create a spacious entertainment room. 

A suspended ceiling and bespoke walnut joinery all help to create the ideal acoustic environment for composing the next masterpiece. 

The building is constructed from a highly insulated, timber frame over a concrete and masonry semi basement. This provides comfortable level of heating in the winter and good thermal mass to keep it cool during the summer. A green roof provide new habitat and reduces rainwater runoff rates.

The kitchen and the dining area located to the east take advantage of the morning sun and allow direct access onto the generous outdoor patio. Bespoke walnut joinery is combined with lacquered white units and a recycled glass worktop, containing pieces of mirror to add sparkle. Soak supplied a Gessi oxygen wall mounted tap.

The living room and outdoor timber terrace are located to the west, enjoying the setting sun over the distant hills. The oak canopy over the terrace is designed to allow plants to grow over, providing shade and cover. A feature wood-burning stove heats the room and simultaneously the hot water and heating system. 
 A glass floor forms the threshold into the house and allows natural light into the library and floor below. The lower floor is reached by descending a floating timber staircase, supported by the glass balustrade. Four unique bathrooms are created for the occupants.  The materials were selected to complement the picturesque setting and to partially disguise the building. Green oak draws upon materials of traditional country barns, left to weather and silver naturally over time. Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) timber is used throughout the house in bespoke joinery, dark on the upper floor and light on the lower.

Robert Barker is joint founder of BACA Architects (http://www.baca.uk.com/) and all images were taken by Alistair Lever .

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Pengaruh Kemasan Terhadap Kesan Kualitas (Studi Kasus Produk Sampo Di Indonesia Dengan Menggunakan Metode Penelitian Kualitatif)

The 1st PPM National Conference on Management Research “ Manajemen di Era Globalisasi”
Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen PPM, 7 November 2007

Rizka Miladiah Ervianty
Herry Hudrasyah

Kemasan mempunyai peranan yang sangat penting dalam pemasaran. Selain ia harus berfungsi sebagai wadah dan pelindung isi produk, kemasan harus mampu pula menarik perhatian konsumen. Kemasan yang mampu menarik perhatian konsumen merupakan kemasan yang dapat memberikan gambaran awal mengenai kualitas dan nilai produk yang ditawarkan kepada konsumen. Gambaran awal mengenai keseluruhan kualitas suatu produk yang diharapkan oleh konsumen untuk memenuhi kebutuhannya dinamakan kesan kualitas. Penelitian ini menggunakan metode penelitian kualitatif dan bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh kemasan terhadap kesan kualitas pada produk sampo di Indonesia. Peneliti memilih produk sampo sebagai salah satu objek penelitian karena industri produk sampo merupakan salah satu industri consumer goods yang mempunyai persaingan ketat di Indonesia.
Kata kunci: Kemasan sampo, kesan kualitas, metode kualitatif


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Evaluation of Campaign Effectiveness, Year 1: Billboards

Soy Biodiesel Marketing & Research in North Carolina
End-of-year Report; Conclusion of Activity
December 31, 2006

National Biodiesel Board

The collaboration of the various organizations involved in this project made it unique and valuable, but it also lead to increased communication and time to achieve the objectives. In discussion with the North Carolina Outdoor Advertising Association (NCOAA), who provided a significant financial donation to the project in the form of billboard space, it was determined that instead of 15 vinyl billboards, 41 paper billboards with 4 vinyl billboards could be done at the same cost. This created more exposure for the campaign and also provided more flexibility in the location of the billboards since the paper locations were more widely available. The original timeline of having billboards up from April to November was adjusted to June through December because of logistical delays in the design and production process. However, each billboard was guaranteed 30 days of posting at each site, with the likelihood of staying 60-90 days. A student was selected from NC State’s College of Management to assist the Solar Center in the evaluation of the campaign effectiveness.
Billboard Design
The billboard designs were created with the assistance of the United Soybean Board (USB) and the local NC Soybean Producer’s Association (NCSPA), which added extra steps to the process, but eventually produced three great billboard designs. Initially, the billboards were based from examples given by the USB that had been used in other states. To freshen the look and add specific references to this campaign (the ncsoy.org website), ten mock-ups were created. These designs used images of soybeans, trucks, the American flag, biodiesel pumps, oil rigs, a NC map, and logos of all organizations involved in the project to portrait the desired messages. From these, the best two designs were chosen and slightly modified with fewer words and images to best capture the attention of drivers that pass by at 60 mph. The first billboard focused on the negative impact of foreign oil dependence which can be reduced by using biodiesel from soybeans grown here in the US. The second billboard targeted the environmental and health benefits (cleaner air to breathe) that can be achieved by replacing petroleum diesel with soy biodiesel. A third billboard was added by the NC Soybean Producer’s Association to match a truck wrap that will be used in another marketing campaign. This design highlighted the farming industry as the source of biodiesel production and portrayed the economic benefit our state could gain from investing in soy biodiesel. The billboard designs are shown in Appendix A.


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A Thesis
Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Master of Arts Degree of The Graduate School at Rowan University
June 21, 1999

Donna Lithgow

The purpose of this study was to identify guidelines for communicators to use as a reference when designing an outdoor campaign. Secondary research provided information on properly designing and using billboards as a communications tool. This information included studies on billboards, research on color and design, and statistics relating to the outdoor industry. The author compiled a list of agencies who won OBIE awards between 1994 and 1998. These awards are given to agencies  annually by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America to recognize outstanding billboard campaigns. These agencies are among the best in outdoor communication throughout the United States and Canada. A total of 58 agencies who won OBIE awards were sent surveys. Thirty surveys (51.7%) were returned and analyzed. The author compiled a list of suggestions made by the agencies and analyzed trends in the answers. The results provided many helpful suggestions to anyone planning a billboard campaign. Communicators may use this research as a reference when they are using billboard messages.