Jumat, 25 Januari 2013

Gessi iSpa - Health through Water

Gessi introduces their iSPA collection, designed by Prospero Rasulo, a philosophy more than a new range of products for its combination of contemporary “Hi-Tech” and millenary spirit of the “Salus per Aquam” (Health through water). 
The Gessi ethical approach to design and production has changed the bathroom into a high-technology and above all a “Hi-Touch” place.
Ispa Basin Mixer Pulse
Throughout the new range iSpa Gessi brings innovative design, blending  the high technology “soft touch” of the “I” and bringing a more human orientated approach to designing practical objects.  Gessi design uses a concept of “Biodesign” which is inspired by natural, organic forms to produce tactile products that accomplish a relaxed sophistication and serenity so you can create a personal spa in your bathroom.  Sensuous simplicity marks the concept of the iSpa collection which has been designed by Prospero Rasulo.  
Truly inspirational Italian Style.  
Gessi ISpa
The stylistic feature of the Collection is a rectangular shape made smooth by corners rounded as  if glossed by water. The iSpa Collection is a user-friendly and tactile form, as pleasing to the eye as to the touch.
Gessi ISpa Mixer White
Gessi iSpa is a complete bathroom collection; from the taps to accessories, wellness systems, ceramic-ware, and mirrors.  Gessi iSpa also heralds the first bath designed and manufactured by Gessi.
Gessi iSpa Basin Unit + Bath
Gessi iSpa bath + bath mixer

Gessi iSpa Waterfall
With its substantially formal lines, the iSpa mixer gives the impression of an architectural product; well-engineered proportions between a lean base and a wide surface on the tap mouth makes the metal plate look lighter and somewhat suspended, with water oozing out of thin air.
The iSpa controls are minimal – a soft-touch mixer either electronic or fashioned like a sleek joystick, allows easy adjustment of the water flow and temperature.
Gessi iSpa Shower Blade
In the electronic version of the iSpa mixer, the distribution of water is activated by a soft touch of the mixer button. Every time the tap is used, it usually distributes cold water, so the boiler is not ignited; saving energy. The desired temperature of water is reached by rotating the mixer button. Its light enhanced base of the button signals the actual temperature of water between blue and red. The flow can be reduced or increased  by pressing and rotating the mixer button. At a double touch of the button mixed water immediately flows, tapping the button 3 times produces hot water. If the button is pushed continuously for some seconds the tap turns onto stand-by mode for 30 seconds signalled by a pulsating green light; during this time the tap can be cleaned without its activation.

iSpa is not only beauty, ergonomics, functionality and meticulous production which is made in Italy, but the start of a new production approach and a new project which combines ethical design with respect for the environment: Gessi Ethical Design.

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Selasa, 22 Januari 2013

Gold accents in the bathroom

While chrome has been leading the way in bathrooms for many years now, gold is starting to make a strong return.  Gold is a softer shade than chrome and adds a hint of luxury to your bathroom.  Using warm shades and colours will add warmth to any room, always useful in a north or east facing room.

Mimi by Gessi
The Mimi range from Gessi is a soft feminine range which is available in a number of finishes, including this lustrous gold which adds luxurious glamour to a bathroom.
close up of Mimi in gold showing accessories

The Gessi Mimi range comes with a full range of accessories so you can add accents to your bathroom.

Axor Montreux range of bath and basin taps, mixers and showers

Axor Montreux from Hansgrohe is a traditional range of taps and showers that complements a roll top bath and traditional style sanitarware.  Using gold taps and bath or shower mixers adds a shimmer of gold into an otherwise neutral room.

Axor Montreux Gold Basin Mixer

Close up of Axor Montreux basin mixer and toothbrush holder / tumbler in Gold.

Dune tiles - going bold with gold

Dune Damasco in a gold finish add a lustrous feel to a bathroom, in this instance enhanced with a gold sit-on basin and gold mosaics in the shower.

Burgbad Gloria

Burgbad Gloria is as glorious as the name.  Delicate hand painted gold accentuates the features of this wooden bathroom furniture that is hand-made.

Burgbad Diva
Burgbad Diva - as gold and chrome happily co-exist together the Diva adds vintage Hollywood glamour and contemporary elegance to your bathroom.  There are dressing tables, stools and cabinets in the range if you have a dressing room - or a large enough bathroom.

If using gold tiles or furniture is a step too far for you but you still want to add gold accents to your bathroom why not consider accessories, or towels with a hint of gold in a subtle pattern.  If you have enough room for a chair in your bathroom -  just add a gold coloured cushion.   If you are on a strict budget or just want a quick update without changing anything major in your bathroom don't forget your local antique shop, auction house or charity shop where you can search for a plate, ornament or vase that just completes the look you are wanting to achieve.  These little finishing touches combined with gold brassware will add a lustre and warmth to your bathroom which will fill you with happiness every time you use it.

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