Sabtu, 25 Mei 2013

Beautiful Bathrooms

This article is from the May edition of Berkshire Life 2013 by Catriona Lock, Creative Director.
Catriona Lock, Creative Director, Soak in Style

  The bathroom is becoming an integral part of people’s homes and life; a space to wake up and feel invigorated and ready for the day, or relax and unwind and enjoy some longed for ‘me’ time, and is reflected in the trends for the space.

  50 shades of grey are the colours of 2013, which can be interpreted in many different styles. Bold strong tones feel very modern and minimal, or soft ‘vintage’ shades give a more traditional feel.  My personal favourites are the ‘greige’ tones, an almost stoney looking grey which is very on trend colour wise, but timeless due to the neutral and natural feel.

Grey and Greige stone tiles
  From a hygiene point of view a wall-hung toilet is much easier to keep clean than one mounted on the floor.

  A designer can help to ensure the frame and cistern is incorporated into the room in a subtle way.  Being able to see more of the floor also makes the room feel bigger.

  Integrated basins with wall mounted vanity units continue this clean effortless elegance.  Neutral tones such as cappuccino, beige or grey are incredibly popular this year in either gloss or matt finishes and woods in an almost distressed looking finish are very on trend.

Happy D.2 in basin unit in Linen
  Wet room/walk in showers are lusted after for every master en suite, with luxurious rain fall showers.
Gessi Wellness Shower
Body jets and multi-function showers have taken over from enclosed ‘cabins’.  Even if the wet floor has to be raised this can be seamlessly incorporated into the design.  
Raised shower area with bespoke mosaics and wood effect tiles enhanced with LED lighting

Again, having a designer’s help is invaluable.

  Freestanding baths and sit on sculptural basins are popular for larger, grander rooms.

Victoria + Albert Barcelona Bath with floor LED lighting - the lighting enhances the bath and makes a relaxing area in a master suite overlooking a large south-facing garden
Gessi ISpa White Taps + Sculptural  Basins + Accessories
Victoria + Albert Toulouse Bath + Basin - the sculptural shapes add structure and balance to the bathroom
  Cat Lock, Creative Director for Soak in Style, has been nominated for the last three years for Bathroom Designer of the Year in various categories.  Cat is a qualified bathroom designer and has also studied Interior Design.